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by Richard Smith

Find Out How To Lose Thigh Fat And Have Sleeker Legs In Only Thirty Days

As a Fitness Coach I am always being asked by women how to lose thigh fat fast and make their legs skinnier in general. For a large amount of women this is a frustrating problem because of the excess muscularity in the legs, hips and butt coupled with the possibility to accumulate excess fat in this region resulting in bigger than required thighs, buttocks, hips and calves.

As a rule when needing to burn remove any type of body fat I suggest a cardio routine that includes interval training and steady state activity. However when it comes to actually reducing the size of a muscle and body fat as well then a slightly different strategy is best followed.

Here then is a one month guide you can begin making use of today to lose excess fat from your upper thighs butt and hips.

Part 1 - (Do this for 10-20 days depending on much size you need to lose)

To make sure this plan is as effective as possible then I strongly recommend that you stick to the following guidelines.

This means a long steady state cardio training session of almost an hour 3 or 4 times a week.

If time permits carry out your cardio routine after an upper body resistance routine.

When doing all this cardio you need to stop all resistance exercises on your lower body.

Try to perform all your workouts in a fasted state so try not to eating 3-4 hours before you exercise.

After you have finished your workouts refrain from eating for a minimum of one hour.

Your aim for your diets should be to lower your intake of starch and grain based carbohydrates.

Follow the above strategy until you are happy with the size of your thighs. Once you have achieved this then the next stage is to increase muscle tone while not adding any more bulk.

Part 2 - This phase will vary depending on how long it takes to finish stage 1.

To realize this I suggest a mixture of resistance and cardio interval workouts. However to make sure you get the results you really want then stick to the following guidelines.:

In your lower body resistance workouts use heavier weights then normal but only perform up to 5 reps per set.

When training with weights on your legs the key is to not work to failure and get a pump in muscle.

Give yourself ample rest between sets (2-3 minutes) so your body has more time to recuperate.

It is worth indicating here that to develop muscle tone without adding muscle size you should work with heavier weights and avoid muscle exhaustion. Utilizing heavy weight makes sure the muscle tissues become stronger and so are a lot more switched on even at rest which provides an even more well toned and harder feel. Keeping away from muscle exhaustion stops you bulking up and looking softer when not in the gym.

Keep training in a fasted state for all your workouts if possible

As advised previously all interval cardio workouts to be done after resistance training.

If you start to see your legs are getting too big again reduce the calories in your diet especially the carbs and cut down your resistance leg training.

So if you're searching for the answer on how to lose thigh fat fast then give this plan a try I assure you will be pleased with the results.

21 Sept 2017 author: Richard Smith