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All that's left after isolating is solving whatever equation remains to determine all points at which the line will intersect with the x-axis or cut it off; these are your intercepts.

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Finding the X-Intercepts of a Function (Key Stage 4)

In mathematics, intercepts are points where the graph of a function crosses the x- or y-axis, and one way to solve for them explicitly is to set the equation's terms equal to zero and solve for both x and y.

Finding the x-intercepts of a function

Although this process takes some time and requires careful attention, knowing how to find these points is essential when working with functions.

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Find the x intercept of a function

To find the intercepts on the x-axis, set any terms involving y equal to zero first, then factor out everything else in order to isolate the variable x.

x and y intercepts of exponential functions

Finding the x intercepts of a function is an important part of understanding how it works.

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