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How to graph y 4x

After plotting all known points and tracing along them it should be easy to spot how the value of y changes with any given value for x for a visual representation of how to graph y 4x!

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Graph y=4x

Graphing y 4x is a relatively simple task.

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How to graph y=Sin(4x) in 5 minutes

Once this has been done, plot points with known values of x and use them to plot a graph.
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Graph y=4x-1

When continuing along this route, remember to also mark in any intercepts from the graphed line on your grid paper as well as how many times the line crosses the x-axis for completeness.

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SOLUTION: How do I graph y=-4x?

The graph will increase in slope by an amount corresponding to the value of m; in this case it should be steeply increasing with every rise in x.

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Graph y=4x-4

To start, take the equation and solve for y.